Latryse For PA State Rep District 200

Mount Airy Chestnut Hill and Cedarbrook area! Please take a small amount of your time to listen to my visual platform. I am running for State Representative in the 200th Legislative District! Let’s do something different in Philadelphia this election year. This is not about party affiliations. Let’s vote for our interests and make a real change for 2016!

Student Loan Repayment Tax Deductions!

Student Loan Repayment Tax Deductions!

I’m proposing an expansion to the current tax cuts provided to those who have student loan payments; to reflect the actual payments made towards the loan instead of a worksheet formula, based on the interest of the loan. This would help college graduates to invest heavier for their retirement, continue their education, and create small businesses.



Property Tax Exemption for Day Care, Primary, and Secondary Education!

Property Tax Exemption for Day Care, Primary, and Secondary Education!

The cost of a quality education can be expensive. But unfortunately due to the failures of the Philadelphia School District, many parents are forced to pay for a private education. Therefore, I suggest the we relieve the tax burden on the citizens of PA, whom are paying tuition for the children currently enrolled in a religious or private school or daycare. This should easy to enormous stress on the state budget for education funding, since this is one less seat that the state paying for. This gives parents the power to choose a quality academic institution for their children, instead being forced to attend failing schools in their neighborhood.The average family on public assistance receives free daycare services which can run from $9,000-$11,000 annually. Where as a family with a household income of $30,000 would have to pay for these same services. These families should be exempt from the school portion of their State Property Taxes.